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Wound DressingBand Aid Dressing

Category: Medical Tape Products

Elastic Fabric/Spun-laced non woven

Key words:Medical /Surgical Gauze Products | Medical Non-Woven Products


Elastic Fabric/Spun-laced non woven

◆Size:Φ22mm, Φ25mm, 38*38mm, 40*10mm, 51*45mm, 60*80mm(I.V.Fix),76*45mm, 76*50mm, 10*10cm,10*15cm,10*25cm,etc

◆ wound dressing is a soft cloth adhesive medical dressing, hypoallergenic, gentle to skin, used as a primary or second dressing over light to moderately draining wounds ,for securing devices, or for protecting I.V. Catheter sites.

Keywords: Wound DressingBand Aid Dressing

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