Urinary Drainage Bag/Urine-collector

Made from medical grade PVC,with tube length 80-100cm, non-return valve and bottom outlet
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Foley catheter

100% silicone or latex(silicone coated) Foley Catheter
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Disposable syringe with/without needles

Size:1ml(including insulin syringe ), 2ml, 2.5ml,3ml,5ml, 10ml, 20ml, 30ml, 50ml, 60ml
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Disposable hypodermic needles

Packing:Blister packing,EO sterile
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Disposable infusion giving set/I.V. set

Parts:Vented spike, Drip Chamber, fluid Filter, flow regulator, latex tube, Luer Lock connector,with injection needle 21G*1 1/2”, Catheter 1.5m
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Disposable scalp vein set/intravenous needles

Provide venous access and make patient comfort during long term infusion
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