Medical/Surgical PE Tape

The film is soft; the permeable ability is strong and exists the micro-holes. Low sensitive, the adhesive ability is good. The hair will not be pull off when you pear it. No remains on the skin The way of longitude and latitude is needn't tools, tears the tapes easily.
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Non-Woven Waterproof Adhesive Tape

Strong permeable, the skin can breathe naturally and decrease the possibility of infection. Low sensitive. The hair will not be pull off when you pear it. The adhesive ability is stable.
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Non Woven Adhesive Dressing Roll/Tape

Strong adhesive property, fixing firmly, strong suitability and convenient to apply Hypoallergenic coating with medical hot-melt glue.
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Adhesive Zinc Oxide Plaster

Available in various size and package
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Silk Adhesive Tape

The base-material is of good permeable, moisture and sweat can be drained out easily. The cloth is soft and comfortable.
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Wound DressingBand Aid Dressing

Elastic Fabric/Spun-laced non woven
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