National health and family planning commission issued by the authority clear table

Release time: 2018-10-26

On July 1st, the national health and family planning commission issued formal of the party group on the notice issued by the authority the power bureau people clear table and the part about print and distribute immediate notice and contact unit power to clear the table. The national institutes of health and family planning commission after the reform, in view of the function change, further defined "power boundary", find out "financial power", improve and refine the list of "power" of specific measures. 23 after clear rights counterpoising truly, committee authority departments were identified 203 power, which class A power 75, 90 B power, 38 C level power. Power to clear the table details the basis, to undertake power office, public form, open content, the level of risk.
This figure compared with before, institutional reform in 2011, the ministry of health of delineating the right range narrowed: then, on the basis of integrity, risk probability, the strength of the frequency, the size of the damage degree of high and low, such as the ministry of health to determine the power is divided into A, B, C three levels, which class A power 84, 115 B power, 54 C level power. 
"Notice" a clear request, to be in strict accordance with the prescribed scope of power clear table exercise of power, unidentified shall exercise the power. To continue to exercise their power has not been confirmed, without authorization or set the behavior of the new power, once discovered, will be dealt with harshly. At the same time, the requirements on the basis of certain power to clear the table, in accordance with the "clear process, power, easy operation, draw the unit power flow diagram, in curing work procedures, to achieve power with the system charge pipe.
Prepare a list of the clear power, with "power list", is "the QuanLiGuan into the system of cage" key, is in integrity, risk prevention and control of the construction of the important measures. In organizing team administration will faithfully fulfill their duties of supervision and implement classification for power monitoring and monitored, and combined with information construction, gradually realize the dynamic real-time online monitoring of the rights of the high risk, the maximum compression power rent-seeking power space, the specification, gradually establish the unavailability of some supervision and accountability.