China fiber brand era

Release time: 2018-10-26

In China, the core of the brand is can directly affect the consumers, consumers are not actually see and touch the product just to decide whether to buy, but have intention before shopping brands or products.   
From the development course of the past decade, despite the technological progress of China's chemical fibre industry obviously, increasingly sophisticated equipment and manufacturing level, increasingly rich varieties of specifications, product differentiation rate increasing, expanding fiber and product application fields, but objectively, ten years to the development of chemical fiber industry is still in the growth of the amount for the mainstream, in such aspects as product development, new product marketing compared with the traditional chemical fiber production power or region still a gap.      
Look from the next ten years, the pattern of world chemical fiber industry is quietly changed, the gap of the above factors is undergoing fundamental changes. The development of China's textile and chemical fiber industry are from quantity growth to breed, quality improvement, transformation and  upgrading, innovation and development has become the theme of textile and chemical fiber industry development; Global chemical fiber capacity further transfer to China,and the traditional developed production capacity, output continued contraction in countries and regions, new product development ability and power obviously inadequate; China's economic growth in transition period, the driving force of economic growth more to domestic demand, with the improvement of living standards, domestic middle class of personalized and differentiated demand will gradually become the mainstream of consumption; With the improving of the total chemical fiber production,and the domestic chemical fiber enterprises will be further intensified competition, under the condition of the scale, the cost can't win, competition will turn to product differentiation and high added value. , of course, because of the domestic textile and chemical fiber manufacturing equipment and technology level enhancement, objectively for chemical fiber enterprise's new product research and development have created favorable conditions.  
Domestic chemical fiber industry in the new product research and development compared with the traditional chemical fiber manufacturing nation and regions, the gap not only in terms of its own research and development ability and level, but also displays in fiber brand construction and marketing of new products of value and ability. During the period of "11th five-year plan" before a gap tends to narrow, after a gap has no obvious change. Two aspects: actually there is a close connection between the gap, the former after a gap will directly lead to a gap cannot make up for, and then the existence of a gap will indirectly affect the narrowing of the former.
In terms of industries and enterprises, tend to see just before a gap of value is a kind of gap, thus ignore the latter. But after a gap of brand construction and promotion of new products to the market problem is not solved, before - a gap that is research and development ability and level can also be difficult to get big improvement.
By means of chemical fiber of new products, such as lycra, bamboo fiber, soybean fiber and other marketing case analysis we can see that our country enterprise in the new product marketing and the successful cases there is a big gap, specific displays in:
First of all, the weak brand construction. Chemical fiber industry development in our country relatively late, the industry has not strong "one hundred - year - old". In addition, most enterprises pay attention to sales, don't do market; Pay attention to make profits, customer does not pay attention to do; Only do direct downstream, rarely do terminal consumption. Brand building is a persistent work, no connotation, no culture, no credit, not the spirit of perseverance, the brand will only stay in a symbolic name.
Domestic enterprises in the brand promotion and maintenance aspects, there is a big gap with international famous enterprises such as, product positioning is not accurate. A new product into the market, the first to determine their needs and is suitable for the market where the new product, if blindly enter, determine don't need to wait until the market, its sure doesn't fit, time does not exist, because it is not only their own "tired", "tired" market and consumers. Even if has occupied the part of the market, is likely to be also unable to continue.
The lack of brand culture. A brand can attract consumers, in addition to its excellent product quality and strong features, behind the brand should be there are many other attract eyes added value, including culture idea and way of life, rather than the quality and features, this can attract more consumer attention.
Lack of leading marketing ideas. Build a well-known brand last important factor is people's problem. On the one hand, marketing knowledge, the consciousness of brand and quality is still far from abroad, on the other hand, the domestic enterprises affected by interest sex culture for a long time, haven't really from the perspective of the people to develop a product, a brand. Domestic most chemical fiber enterprises themselves as raw materials providers, only focus on how to sell products to buyers, make a profit, there is no good cooperation with the downstream enterprises. As industrial intermediates, chemical products in the front end of the industrial chain, away from the terminal consumers, consumers cannot intuitively felt the fiber itself, so dare to break the routine chemical fiber enterprises, enlarge the contact area with the terminal consumer, the product features and distinctive culture connotation visually appear in front of consumers.
Second, the lack of marketing ability. Embodied in: some enterprise sales strategy is not reasonable. As the aggravate that the market competition, enterprises have been unable to single single-handedly to cope with changeable market environment, the need to target the same partners, to seek joint, Shared marketing resources, and share the marketing expenses, joint marketing, to achieve the goal of their interests.
With the downstream. Most of the domestic enterprises to sell the products to the downstream users, did not supervise and guide the user how to use the downstream, lead to downstream industry chain, which contain a certain amount of risk. But if the use of the product will not only lead to improper product cannot play their performance, still can make consumers reduce confidence in the product.
Card market is not standard. Due to the drop in contains a high brand value, hangtags economy has become a "blue ocean" to aspire to. Upstream companies to give a variety of tags, hard to avoid the good and bad are intermingled, if you can't guarantee quality, tags become commercial hype hype, not only can guarantee the product quality, still can let consumer heart doubts. At present, the raw material in the market drop is much and is not standard, most raw materials enterprises for their own tags, composition "injection" into the industry's common hidden rules. Based on the present situation, the industry needs a trusted third party certification authority to lead the upstream raw material market to the specification.
Propaganda is not deep. In China, the core of the brand is can directly affect the consumers, consumers are not actually see and touch the product just to decide whether to buy, but before shopping has intention to brand or product. So Chinese consumers easily affected by advertising the psychological characteristics that nots allow to ignore.