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National health and family planning commission, the vast majority of plasticizer in liquor product in an acceptable level

Date:Jul 9,2014

Xinhuanet Beijing on June 27 (reporter Hu Hao) published by the state health and family planning commission 27 plasticizer in liquor product risk assessment results, in the liquor phthalate (2 -) ethyl hexyl ester (DEHP) and butyl phthalate (DBP) content in 5 mg/kg and 1 mg/kg, health risks at an acceptable level of drinkers.


National health and family planning commission, said the analysis of existing data, found that the vast majority of Chinese liquor products of DEHP and DBP content is lower than the risk assessment results. Under normal eating habits, as long as the liquor products of DEHP and DBP content is lower than the risk assessment results, dietary of DEHP and DBP generally do not cause health damage to drinkers.


Health and family planning commission in particular, the risk assessment results from the health protection point of view, not consider other relevant factors, not the national food safety standards.


Of DEHP and DBP is commonly used in plastic products of plasticizer (commonly known as plasticizer). Because this kind of material are outside plasticizer, easily dissolved out from the plastic products, into the environment and cause pollution to food. Since December 2012, liquor plasticizer in a widespread social concern is caused.


For this, the national food safety risk assessment center according to the international general principle and method, according to the Chinese residents' food consumption and the main content of plasticizer in food data, to evaluate the risk to the health of adult drinkers.


National food safety risk assessment committee of experts believe that, for a 60 kg weight, 3.0 mg per day of DEHP was safe. Toxicity of DBP is bigger, about 60 kg weight, 0.6 mg per day of DBP is safe, and the European food safety authority assessment of safety limit.


Of DEHP and DBP is not approved the use of food additives, China does not allow directly added to the food. The traceability analysis found that the plastic pipe of DEHP and DBP, easy to migrate to the wine is the main factors of DBP and DEHP in liquor.

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